Time to T.H.R.I.V.E.​​​​​​​

Week 8. Marriage and partnership is a long game. It is all about enduring to the end. It is about knowing that there will be set backs, bumps in the road, frustrations and some times hurt and anger. It is about knowing these things and enduring. Learn how to ask for what you really need so that both of you are full and humble. Learn how to be the parents you want to be and have children who listen to you and value your home, your time and your love.  This module is the icing on a beautiful cake.  The group coaching call for this module is held a month after Module 5.  We want to give you a full month to dive in and make the program work for you and your family and to allow the fruits of your labor to mature into a bountiful harvest. 

Week 7. How important is your partnership to you? How in love are you? Do you want more steamy times in the bedroom? More peace in your daily lives together? Do you want fights to be minimized and disagreements to be quick to resolve? Upholding and understanding our vows brings us to a place of loving and honoring each other. It reminds us why we came together to begin with and cements the bond we have as partners – not just as parents.

Week 6. Inner work and inner development are really the cornerstone to our humanity. It has less to do with religion and more to do with ethics, morals and our standards. It governs how we raise our chidren, how we experience the gifts of the Spirit and how we bring the sacred gifts of intimacy into our relationship. This module will help you navigate those pieces within your family.

Weeks 3, 4, 5. This module will examine the nitty gritty of your life  What processes you do or don't have in place to help your home run smoothly from knowing what you are eating each day, to bedtime, to getting in personal time for yourself. This module will kick your bum and edify you at the same time.

Week 2. This module dives deeply into HOW and WHY most fights happen between siblings and really even between adults.  We'll give you the tools that you need to navigate choppy waters and have more harmony in your home.  

 Week 1. This module is all about getting to know YOU and those around you.  ​​​​​​​What makes you tick? And how understanding this helps you navigate your family  relationships. We will cover it all in this module.   

This is a LIVE course.  There are modules housed on our site in the form of video, audio and PDF.  There will be at least 8 live (replay recorded) trainings taking you through the course.  There is a private, members only Facebook group just for this program.  You will have lifetime access to the program and can join other live sessions as often as you'd like.

Fighting? Contention?  Exhaustion?  If you are struggling with any of these you're not thriving! We can help.

Most parenting coaches focus only on the kids - we do much more.  We know that without grounded parents NO methods will work. 

The core of our THRIVE parenting method is the FAMILY, not only the child. 

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